To add to the InfoCenter resource, it is now important to look at this site -

On there is a menu item for Technology Updates - this is dedicated to the TRs especially.

In addition, developerworks has a lot of articles, how-tos, etc. I just saw one on using RPG to work with the XML support in DB2 for i. That came out in September 2012. Another article, from November, on International Components for Unicode - I didn't know you had to build it! It's option39 of the OS. Very extensive article. Not needed for many of us using only CCSID 37, but it is there.

There are some areas or apps that have their own sites - the Integrated Web Application Server for i, for example, and Integrated Web Services for i. Change is happening so rapidly that InfoCenter just takes too long, in order to have the latest and greatest. You CAN see info on these in InfoCenter, and there's a link on the page there to the home page I give below. Here's the bread crumb to these 2 apps -

IBM i 7.1 Information Center <> > Networking <> > HTTP Server <> > Tasks <> > Web tasks <>

The App Servers's site is

The Web Services' site is


On 12/3/2012 6:32 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Yes, many of the sections of Infocenter are available as PDF downloads.
However, PDF's on your local system aren't updated as often as Infocenter
(if ever). And LOTS of new stuff keeps getting updated in Infocenter when
IBM comes out with new stuff in PTF's, TR's, etc. So, going that route
may get you current for now but again leave you trailing in the dust as
time goes by.

Rob Berendt

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