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Your best bet is to get a couple recent redbooks on SQL performance, seems you are already looking at some resources.

As to CQE vs SQE - IBM have removed more and more of the factors that prevent the use of SQE - how do like my "not" logic? :) My hidden double negative?

And to learn more, just go into the database component of Navigator (windows client, not the browser-based Navigator - DB function is still limited there, although we are pushing for getting it there). Set up a monitor there - you can use wildcards, etc., to filter jobs. Or run the thing over ALL - not usually a good idea, though.

As to which jobs over TCPIP are doing SQL - it's usually a QZDASOINIT job - that is what processes the database host server requests. In netstat, look for the database host server (as-database). The only job I see there now is QZDASRVSD, which is probably a director - it must start other jobs for incoming requests, but I haven't dug too deeply into that, so use your grain of salt here.

The ports are known - they might even be in this sites wiki. as-database appears to be 8471.

There are Visual Explain APIs, IIRC. Easily verified. And lots of fields specific to VE in the output of the DB monitor.


On 12/3/2012 8:01 AM, Charles Wilt wrote:
The system always captures information on all SQL queries in the SQL Plan

The plan cache can help you identify problem areas for which you can use
the DB monitor tools to dig into more deeply

I am not aware of any differences between SQE and CQE with respect to the
functionality of the DB tools.


On Sat, Dec 1, 2012 at 12:22 PM, Jack Kingsley <iseriesflorida@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

Is SQL overhead measured in the performance tools or must you use pex and
or the sql components to setup various versions of monitors and such using
iseries access to gather and report on what is taking place on your system.

What is an easy way to drill down to jobs that are using sql on your
system, I have a tool called wrkodbcjob that somewhat gets you your
odbc/jdbc jobs etc.

Using netstat, how can you quickly determine which jobs are using sql and
by what ports, another words how many jobs/users are currently performing
some sort of sql on my box.

Created a new file as a clob, that has ended up clobbering my system cpu,
anyone seen anything like this, all versions of i5/os and it makes no

If your designing applications using client side sql and or embedded sql
what are the performance metrics that should be used to determine that
various amount of remote clients and systems performing various types of
sql against your database should be allowed, is this a
model/cpw/memory/processor type situation that could effect this.

I have been reading the sqe vs the cqe information and it seems that most
of what I have going on is sqe based.
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