Yes the "Field" is defined with zero decimals in the database.
after dividing with 100 Iam able to see the output in decimal format.
Thanks a lot.

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Hi John

It appears to me that your source table must be storing the value without decimal precision.  For your purposes, you should only need to divide your whole-number value by 100 to derive a decimal value as you want.

SELECT DEC(SUM(Field/100),11,2) FROM File WHERE ABBA = 111483                                                         

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Hi All,
 Iam trying to sum field and then converting it into decimal.
The orginal field type is packed with no decimal.
SELECT DEC(SUM(Field),11,2) FROM File WHERE ABBA = 111483                                                         
Output of the query
But the output what I wanted is 43.25
Not sure how to achieve the task. Can you some one please suggest.
Thanks in advace.

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