Because you need to have access to the SMS (cell wireless) system. If you get an SMS "modem" that gives you access just like you have a cell phone connected to your computer.

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Another avenue to consider. I will run it up the flag pole. Right now we are looking at a service but I was hoping to bypass the service and same big $$$.

And we already run a couple of your products and know the support it great and the products work. I already do dial up SMS for our paging our staff via text messages but I have to dial to ATT for ATT and Verizon for Verizon. Why is it so easy to send text messages from my cell to any other cell in the nation but not from a computer? Frustrating.

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Yes, Jeff has the right idea. If you have a nice email utility it should work great. I know it works find with my MAILTOOL software.

The problem is figuring out what carrier they are on. It may be possible to perform a lookup on the number with GETURI or HTTPAPI or something similar. But figuring out the carrier is the biggest issue.

Now, if you're interested in sending a message via GoogleTalk or another Jabber type chat service, I do have a beta version of software out that will do that. With so many smartphones these days it's becoming much more feasible to send a message via instant message that
email or SMS. All it requires is the id (and of course the jabber
server their using, but google is pretty much a standard for that these days).

It could easily be set up as another "layer" to use for sending.
Instant message, if not then SMS, if not then email.

Feel free to contact me offline for more info on that product.

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