FWIW, in a similar situation I solved some (not all) of the angst by creating an Intranet web site with various reports posted there. In that way, each user controlled his own printer output and all Iseries printing issues for those reports evaporated.

Logos, backgrounds, fonts, headings, footers, and colors became instantly available to the user. The process was well received, and an unexpected benefit was, since they were on the Intranet and easy to retrieve, users left them on the Intranet and didn't bother printing the reports at all.

On 10/23/2012 10:20 AM, Stone, Joel wrote:
My mgmt has had it with IBM Iseries-attached printers being fickle with behaving differently from one printer to another.

Fonts don't print the same, scaling behaves differently, logos wont print on some printers, etc.

They want them to work like other OS's in 2012 where things just print right.

The only way I can think of to get OS400 to print consistently would be to create a PDF file and send it to a printer instead of using OS/400's antiquated print facilities.

Is there a better method?

Can OS/400 print a PDF file and still have complete control with the writer such as stop/start, release, start at page 100, etc?


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