Good suggestions. The code started from some programs we used a while back and could probably use some updates. I think we used a source for the package IDs initially. I like using the generic package names and also the INSPTF. I will have to change that.

As far as doing them all in a row...from what I have observed but not studied...Each PTF (not the whole package but each PTF) is downloaded if needed as a separate savf. When the second SNDPTFORD runs, it does the same checks. If it needs any PTFs AND if the savf already exists it doesn't re-do them. When I run this (about every two months), I end up with anywhere from ten (missed any cums and slow hiper time) to over a 100 individual PTF save files.

I recently checked our licensed programs against the packages available. There are a couple packages that are available that we don't use. So certainly everyone should check. Specifically, I believe there is a BRMS package available that a bunch of you will need.

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I have a couple of questions about this.

First, If you do two in a row like this:
Does the second one wipe out the first one from *SERVICE and only leave
it's save files behind?
When I've done something like this I normally staggered them like so:
INSPTF is the command behind GO PTF, 8.  And then do the IPL at the end.
If I stagger them this way am I less likely to fill the Link Loader?

Second, wouldn't you be better served by using the release agnostic
generics like:
than by using the actual group numbers?  Granted, you'd still have some
customization upon release upgrades, but, some critical ones would still
be covered until you realized you forgot to change the program after the
release upgrade.

Third, I'd check this with the other group PTF's available at either fix
central or

Rob Berendt

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