We use MIMIX to clone production file data from the live system to a backup copy on the 2nd (backup/test/development) system. We are not using MIMIX to switch between systems, just to move the data.

On an as-needed basis we copy data from the backup copy of live to one or more of the test environments (we have about 5). One of the environments is refreshed weekly, most of the others when no one has a bunch of test data waiting for a test in one of the others.

--Paul E Musselman

At 8:41 AM -0500 10/8/12, <elehti@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What process do you use to save/restore/copy data from production to the
other LPAR?
At the moment we have 2 systems, and OS/PTF upgrades are applied to the
development/backup system first, then to the production system once
we're >reasonably confident nothing went wrong. Soon we'll do the same
thing with live/development LPARs on a new system.
--Paul E Musselman

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