To be honest, it IS easier to work with SQL Server because of the
tight integration that MS has built between the two. HOWEVER, a
properly written interface between the two will have no noticeable
difference between the two in terms of speed. I have an ASP.NET app
that is 100% IBM i database driven. It is fast.

If your .NET developers won't use the IBM i backend, they are lazy.
Point them to me if they say otherwise. ;-)

Mike Wills

On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 9:58 AM, John Yeung <gallium.arsenide@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I will say that I agree with you
100% that it would be simpler to just read the actual i data. I don't
think it's a convincing argument to say "well, SQL Server code is so
much simpler than RPG code" because you don't have to use RPG to read
the data on the i! There are many ways to get at data on the i
without having a separate copy of it, some of which are comparable to
what you'd write for SQL Server, including using .NET languages and
tools. (And some which I think some developers would find even
easier. For that matter, some developers would find RPG easier
anyway, depending on the nature of the application and the data that
needs to be retrieved.)

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