Yes, I am on Win7 and use mixed case pwd for some time with
no problem - so it is a matter of system values and keeping
windows/AD and system i pwds in synch

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Basically an all lower, or an all upper, case password will be accepted fine on the i, but mixed case is taboo. I suppose changing a few system values (after careful consideration) on the i would allow that.

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Windows 7 changed its default client security policy to use NTLMv2
authentication and has completely disabled the use of LanMan (LM)
password encryption. As a result, a case-insensitive password can not be
sent from Windows 7. This can make connecting to NetServer more
difficult; however, it is a good idea because LanMan password encryption
can be easily deciphered using any number of easily obtainable programs.

On 9/18/2012 8:51 AM, Victor Hunt wrote:
I recently upgraded a PC from XP to Windows 7. While running XP, the PC
a shared folder that was visible from QNTC on the iSeries. About every
quarter we copied a variety of data from the iSeries to this shared
This has been working for years.

After the upgrade to Windows 7, I recreated the shared folder and gave
everyone rights to read and write to it. When I look under QNTC I can
the Windows 7 PC, but no shared folders appear. When I try and add a
to the folder I get an error that I'm not authorized.

I should mention that the user id and password on the Windows 7 machine
the same as they were on XP. I've read some material online that says
windows userid/password must match one on the iSeries. Under XP this was
never the case. Is there additional checking under Windows 7?

Also, we do not have a Windows server here. It's a small shop and
everything is peer-to-peer. No domain controller or active directory.

Other than the CPFA09C error message on the iSeries, I see no other
messages. The event logs on the Windows 7 machine show no entries during
the time I run the MKDIR command on the iSeries.

Any suggestions?



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