They are physically part of the system still but no longer part of any ASP. That is confirmed by the 'Non-configured' state. They are not part of RAID and that is confirmed by the model of '050'. So now you need to extricate them from the system. Note their numbers (DD015-18) and in SST go to Start a Service Tool, then Hardware Service Manager, and then Device Concurrent Maintenance. There enter the DD015, select 'Remove', and indicate how long it will take you to get to the physical units. If you leave it at zero you have 10-15 seconds before it starts blinking the LED for that drive. WHILE it is blinking unlock that drive by pulling the handle all the way down. Leave it right there for a bit to spin down. You should get 'Function completed normally' screen. Use F12 to go back and do the next DD number until you've got the four out.

Now if you want to add 4x140s in a NEW RAID set then use the above procedure with the option to Install instead and do all four drives. Stage them in the slots most of the way in with the handles out and lock them in as the LED blinks.

If you want to add to an existing RAID set then install them in pairs, following the steps below for each pair. If you install all four you MUST create a new RAID set you cannot add them to an existing set.

In either case it will take a minute or three for the system to see the new drives. Don't panic if it's 5 or more.

Once installed use work with disk units, problem recovery procedures, initialize and format to make sure they are good, also to clear any write protect status (caused by possibly being part of a RAID set in a prior life.)

Once they are initialized use work with disk units to either 'include in an existing array' or 'Start RAID' depending on your preference. Because you initialized them this step will go very quickly.

Once the RAID step is done then add AND BALANCE them to the ASP. Note you can wait to do this step until all four drives are installed if you're adding them to an existing RAID set.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 9/14/2012 10:15 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Ok, last night I IPL'd into DST. I ended RAID on the units. Then I IPL'd
back up. We're back into production. Now I went into SST and went into
Concurrent Maintenance and removed the four disk drives. How do I get the
system to admit they're gone?
Type- Resource
Description Model Name Location
Disk Unit 4327-050 P36 P2-D4
Disk Unit 4327-050 P40 P2-D5
Disk Unit 4327-050 P42 P2-D6
Disk Unit 4327-050 P43 P2-D12

4=Remove, results in "The selected entry cannot be removed."
They do not show up as a non reporting device.
Disk configuration status shows me down to 14 units.

Display Non-Configured Units
Serial Resource
Number Type Model Name Capacity Status
68-0C69B15 4327 050 DD016 70564 Non-configured
68-0A7335D 4327 050 DD015 70564 Non-configured
21-93EBE 4327 050 DD017 70564 Non-configured
21-015FF28 4327 050 DD018 70564 Non-configured
How do I blast them so I can insert the new ones into their now empty

Rob Berendt

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