18 is legal.

So thinking that way you drain one 70 (an 070 model) then exclude from RAID, then insert a 140 then include it in RAID then add (and balance!) to the ASP.

Lather Rinse Repeat. :-)

Once you're down to only the 70GB 074s drain them all, remove them then add 140s two at a time. (IF you put in THREE or more it will demand you start a new RAID set not add to the current set.) Since unit 1 (Load Source) is already a 140 you're in a great spot to do this.

Would I do 18? We do it all the time in the SAS world but it means that ANY two drive failure is fatal. What I might do is a 17 drive RAID set with a hot spare.

Why not do RAID6? Well in your case (based ONLY on the tiny I/O numbers you referenced earlier) I might like that idea. RAID6 would mean you can lose TWO drives and still keep running. However you will need to STOP RAID5 and then Start RAID6 to do that. With Hot Spare you just need to have one UN-configured drive in a Load Source Capable slot to start Hot Spare.

- Larry

On 9/4/2012 3:11 PM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
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How many 140's can I have in one raid set? Is there a reason not to run
an 18 drive raid set of 140's?

Rob Berendt

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