Ok, last night I IPL'd into DST. I ended RAID on the units. Then I IPL'd
back up. We're back into production. Now I went into SST and went into
Concurrent Maintenance and removed the four disk drives. How do I get the
system to admit they're gone?
Type- Resource
Description Model Name Location
Disk Unit 4327-050 P36 P2-D4
Disk Unit 4327-050 P40 P2-D5
Disk Unit 4327-050 P42 P2-D6
Disk Unit 4327-050 P43 P2-D12

4=Remove, results in "The selected entry cannot be removed."
They do not show up as a non reporting device.
Disk configuration status shows me down to 14 units.

Display Non-Configured Units

Serial Resource
Number Type Model Name Capacity Status
68-0C69B15 4327 050 DD016 70564 Non-configured
68-0A7335D 4327 050 DD015 70564 Non-configured
21-93EBE 4327 050 DD017 70564 Non-configured
21-015FF28 4327 050 DD018 70564 Non-configured

How do I blast them so I can insert the new ones into their now empty

Rob Berendt

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