I'm coming into this a bit late as I was out of the office yesterday, but it sounds like QUSRBRM is growing. I wonder if you check the BRMS attributes (in the control group) to see if you started saving more data to BRMS. I don't have a 6.1 system to look at but I'm thinking the detail column may have changed:

Weekly Retain Save SWA
Backup List ASP Activity Object While Message Sync
Seq Items Type Device SMTWTFS Detail Active Queue ID


In the example here the *ALLPROD saves all object level data whereas *ALLTEST saves only error data. Object level data will take up some bits on disk in a hurry.

The other thing to check is did an entry get added to the control group with *LOAD? That will force a new tape too.

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
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On 9/12/2012 7:43 AM, Gerald Kern wrote:
V6R1 - starting last Friday night BRMS started asking for a second tape.
Nothing had changed in the control group. Our initial assumption was that
data had grown enough to require a second tape. Yesterday we were able to
remove enough data to reduce our % system ASP used from 44 to 39.19% (and
we have 1.5TB total.) Our LTO-4 tapes have an 800GB capacity. Last night it
still asked for a second tape.

My operator used DSPLOGBRM and compared tape contents with a tape prior to
the start of this problem and there were no major differences between the
time it took to backup the individual objects and libraries and their
sizes. The only difference found was towards the end of the backup (at
around 12:42 and 12:46 a.m.) there is a command that has started to appear
since Friday.

*9/11/12 0:42:46 Starting save of media information at level *LIB to

It is shortly after this command that a second tape is needed. We're not
sure why that started on Friday, but maybe that has something to do with
the backup now needing two tapes?

In reviewing the contents of the tapes via DSPLOGBRM we saw no major
differences we found that the only thing on the second tape is QUSRBRM?

Anybody with any clues as to why we suddenly need a second tape?

-- Thanks, Jerry Gerald Kern - Information Technology Programming Supervisor IBM Certified RPG IV Developer Lotus Notes/Domino Administrator The Toledo Clinic, Inc. 4235 Secor Road Toledo, OH 43623 Phone 419-479-5535

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