Actually BRMS doesn't make you think too much. You can print a full
recovery report. I print this to a PDF file on a daily basis and store it
on 3 servers in multiple countries. This report will take you from the
whole "ipl from tape", "restore BRMS data" and so on step by step. Pretty
cool. All the prompts that the Recovery Manual has with lines to check
off as you go and so on. Tells you what tape volumes to mount when. You
want to do SAVCHGOBJ? No problem, BRMS can tell you exactly which tape
has the latest copy.

Save Save
Object Library Type Date Time Volume
IIM ERPLXF *FILE 9/04/12 8:43:57 BR0029
IIM ERPLXF *FILE 9/04/12 17:39:03 BR0030
IIM ERPLXF *FILE 9/05/12 17:39:08 BR0031
IIM ERPLXF *FILE 9/06/12 6:24:55 BR0032
IIM ERPLXF *FILE 9/06/12 17:39:03 BR0051
IIM ERPLXF *FILE 9/10/12 17:37:54 BR0056
IIM ERPLXF *FILE 9/11/12 17:38:34 BR0225

Want that tape from the morning of the 4th? Use the right option
Volume Creation Expiration
Serial Status Date Date Location
BR0029 *ACT 09/04/12 09/18/12 IRONMTN

We no longer have to do silly things like label our tapes HMON12 for GDIHQ
lpar, Monday, week 1, volume 2. And make sure we load them just right
into a sequential device so that it uses them in the right order.

I fought it tooth and nail because I thought our backup was oh so unique.
And, I'm pretty darn good at IBM i save/restore. But doing our saves off
of our Mimix machines instead of our primary was a good time to be
assimilated into BRMS.

So, having a second tape for QUSRBRM is a waste.

Rob Berendt

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