Well, because of the silly way the MC Press has of piping all their ad's
through a survey service I don't see the Trevor thing. In fact in the box
entitled "Support MC Press - Visit Our Sponsors" it's nothing but blanks.
I think it has something to do with WebSense blocking that survey service.
The survey service is used to count how many people not just saw their
ad's but actually clicked on the ad to check it out. This is so MC Press
can say to their advertisers "See, so many people actually went to your
website from your ad's in our articles". What they don't say is "See, by
using this service there are so many people who can't even see your ads".
I contacted MC Press and they'd rather have fewer people see the ads yet
still have the ability to count who actually went to the ad (of those who
can see the ad).
I went to the snapshot of the ad that one poster took. I can see the
trevor thing, but it doesn't have Joe's article. I can't click the trevor
thing and get his comments from a simple .jpg file though.

Rob Berendt

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