Evan Harris wrote:

Yes, it runs in QSH. I don't know what that should be a problem.

I don't know either since QSH is a part of 5722SS1 (and related ones on later/earlier versions.)

In any case, the thread subject refers to "Physical Files". One /possible/ direction that has been around a long time could involve using the QLGSORT API to present output in a buffer. By stepping through the buffer (with attention to the length of the 'search string' and possibly other elements such as CCSIDs), the QCLSCAN API could determine if the string was found.

QLGSORT can be called for pretty much any PF. The 'sort' request can be adjusted dynamically based on the attributes of the file that's currently being processed. It could be called for each PF in a list of PFs. The 'sorting' is actually irrelevant when just looking for a string, so any sort-sequencing would do.

Obviously, QCLSCAN is just a commonly recognized API. There are many other possibilities if we want to go beyond just OPM CL which wouldn't support sufficiently large buffer sizes to be really decent.

Overall, it doesn't seem to be a big deal to create so that it works reasonably reliably.

Wasn't there something called Net.Question, or similar, at one time that could create search indexes over text fields? Or did that only apply to streamfiles?

Tom Liotta

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