I'm as newbie as it gets.

The packed field is in the target file not the uploaded file. It shows that I have 1 packed field in the target file. The message on the type mismatch did not give any specicif info.

Dan Bale wrote:

Bing! Bing! Bing! <g>

OK, now we're getting somewhere.  I didn't pick up early on that you were a
newbie, so it helps if newbies identify themselves as such.

If this is originally an ASCII file, there's no way that I know of that you
could have a packed field in the data.  Perhaps the best way to figure out
what you're talking about is to paste a snippet from a DSPPFM screen shot of
the input file in question.  Specifically, once you see the data on the
DSPPFM screen, press F10 (to Display hexadecimal), then F11 (to Display
over/under {my preference}).  In the Control entry, window over to the part
in the file that has the data you are getting a mismatch on (i.e., if what
you think is "packed data" begins in column 14, type W14 in the Control
entry; better yet, back up a few positions and use W10 so we can verify that
you're showing us the beginning of a particular field.)

I have other questions, but I think it'd be best to see the beast you're
dealing with.


-- Glenn Thompson Senior Analyst American Trouser, Inc. gthompson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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