I'm going to switch tactics at this point. I will have to do this several more times as I'm doing a system implementation. I'm going to have to brush up on my RPG skills which were poor at best.

I have several more of these type tasks to complete and I thought a query might be the way to go.

Thanks to you and Vern for your help. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions about how to code and run my RPGILE program when I'm done.

Dan Bale wrote:

Glenn, paste a screen shot of the DSPPFM like I mentioned in the previous
post and identify the column positions in the record where you are expecting
numeric data that need to be output into a packed field.

Is the query supposed to do anything other than copy the input file to the
output file?  Any selection, sorting, or other derived fields?

If you know, it may be useful to tell us *how* the file made it onto the
AS/400, and the format it was in at its source, i.e., .txt, .csv, .xls, etc.
If it was .txt or .dat, for example, do you know if it was fixed length?


-- Glenn Thompson Senior Analyst American Trouser, Inc. gthompson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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