> What if you have a POP that would plug in required parameter values?  Or
> does the command first have to be "Prompted"?  Eh, kind of a chicken & egg
> thing.

For commands with at least one "key" parameter (ie, most IBM CHGxxx
commands), the command must get prompted first for just the key parms
prior to your POP being called.

For commands with no key parms, the POP will get called prior to the
initial display.

So a combination of MIN(1) plus a POP can achieve what you want,
unless run from a CL script.  When run interactively, the MIN(1) will
cause the prompt to occur.  But since you don't have any key parms,
the POP gets called and returns the ??DATE(default) value.  By the
time the prompter displays the panel, it is no longer in error and you
don't see the error message like you do with CRTLIB.

If you ran the command from something other than the command line, the
command would simply fail due to the missing parameter and the POP
would not be called.


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