OK, I think I get it.  Gonna have to spend some time to try it all out.

Thanks to everyone who posted!


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> Sent: Monday, October 25, 2004 4:42 PM
> Dan,
> > What if you have a POP that would plug in required parameter values?  Or
> > does the command first have to be "Prompted"?  Eh, kind of a
> chicken & egg
> > thing.
> For commands with at least one "key" parameter (ie, most IBM CHGxxx
> commands), the command must get prompted first for just the key parms
> prior to your POP being called.
> For commands with no key parms, the POP will get called prior to the
> initial display.
> So a combination of MIN(1) plus a POP can achieve what you want,
> unless run from a CL script.  When run interactively, the MIN(1) will
> cause the prompt to occur.  But since you don't have any key parms,
> the POP gets called and returns the ??DATE(default) value.  By the
> time the prompter displays the panel, it is no longer in error and you
> don't see the error message like you do with CRTLIB.
> If you ran the command from something other than the command line, the
> command would simply fail due to the missing parameter and the POP
> would not be called.
> Doug

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