I've written a POP that would always prompt unless a user actually enters
the parm on the command line (i.e. CRTLIB TEMP).  
I believe it was combination of MIN(1) on the PARM keyword of the command
source and ?? in the return string of the prompt override program.
If they didn't prompt it with F4 and didn't fill in a parm, POP would
populate the default value and bring up the prompt.


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Subject: RE: Prompt Override Program example using date & time?

But there are some commands that, if you were to just type in the command
without any parameters and you press Enter, it would prompt the command
anyway.  I.e., type in just CRTLIB on the command line, and press Enter.
The CRTLIB command is prompted.  I see this same type of behavior desirable
in my command.

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> PS - A common misconception is that a POP will supply a default value
> for a command.  The truth is that a POP is only called when a command
> is prompted.  If you run a command without prompting, the POP is never
> called and thus cannot supply values for any keywords.  So don't make
> the command processing program reliant on always having an explicit
> value -- you still may want a default such as *SAME for CHGxxx type
> commands or something like *TODAY for a date keyword on other
> commands.

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