We have a couple of 3581-H17's and a couple of 3582-L23's.  The 3582's 
replaced some 3590's and the 3581's.  The 3581's have been moved down to 
either smaller machines or machines scheduled to go offsite to a DR site. 
Not familiar with 3581-L23.

What used to take both of these 3581's (doing SAVOBJ's of individual 
objects in one library) using 6 tapes each, now gets done in the same 
amount of time on 1 drive of the 3582 using 6 tapes.  The 3582's kick 
butt.  We used to have 3570's years ago.  And, yes, loading tapes into the 
3582's is quite reminiscent of the 3570.  The operator says the 3582 has 
the capacity, has the speed, but is a pain to load/unload.

Need anymore stat's, a demo, etc contact me.

Rob Berendt
Group Dekko Services, LLC
Dept 01.073
PO Box 2000
Dock 108
6928N 400E
Kendallville, IN 46755

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New 358x tape drives

In upgrading to a new i5, I will be looking at replacing the 3570 dual 
drive I have.

A BP gave me a quote with 2 3581-L23 drives.  In looking on the IBM 
it appears to me that the 3582-L23 can be configured to look like 2 
drives to the i5 (which is how my 3570 is configured).  Assuming the price
of a single 3582-L23 is less than 2 3581-L23, is there some reason why 
I not just get a 3582-L23?


Jeff Crosby
Dilgard Frozen Foods, Inc.
P.O. Box 13369
Ft. Wayne, IN 46868-3369

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company.  Unless I say so.

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