At 12:36 PM 2/5/98 EST, you wrote:
>When the same set up works on Win 3.1 and not on Win 95, I'm supposed to
>IBM for not accommodating changes that M$ made and didn't bother to document?
>Sorry, it doesn't wash. But you did a good job of bluffing your way into the
>In a message dated 98-02-05 09:02:50 EST, (Bob
>Crothers) wrote:
><< A mystery from Redmond?  When your AS/400 based application 
> software blows up, do you blame IBM?  Why do you blame Microsoft 
> for CAWin?
> Your windows machine crashes on a regular basis?  Remove CAWin 
> and see how often it crashes.
> I think this mystery originates in Rochester MN. >>

Let me weigh in here.  I don't really get this.  Who cares where the blame
lies in the finger pointing game -- MS or IBM.  Software should work and
that's that.  

Having been on this list for some time, many of you know that I have been
selling, supporting, and enjoying the CA/400 replacement from Synapse
( called WinAPPC.  It amazes me what abuse the CA/400 users
will tolerate when better alternatives that actually work are available.
There is ample evidence in posts on this list as to the nightmares real
people are suffering.

In APPC situations, Synapse has some fo the usual NS/Router-32 issues (BTW,
3.1 is latest) but not anywhere near what I see reported here with CA/400.
You have to ask yourself, if both IBM and Synapse are using the
NS/Router-32 why and how can Synapse have a file transfer that is more than
6 (yes, six) times faster than CA/400.

In the TCP/IP area, WinAPPC has both dispay and printer (LPD due this
month), with a killer SQL based FTP file transfer coming.

Let me ask:  Why are so many users accepting such a deficient product?
Answers please?



Jerry Draper, Trilobyte Software Systems, since 1976
Specializing in connecting PC's, Windows, MAC's, and LAN's to the AS/400
Representing Synapse, Apple, IBM, UDS, MI, DCI, Netsoft, etc.
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