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>Marc Zylka wrote:
>> Can anyone let me know how well printing using TCP/IP
>> over Ethernet works?  How well does the AS/400 pick up
>> problems at the printer (ie. Paper Out, Forms Jams, etc.)
>> Let's assume V4R1.  Hopefully, we'll be at V4R1 in a
>> couple of weeks if Emery doesn't damage our next
>> 620 again.
>> I'm also looking at label printers which can handle IGP.
>> These, apparently, don't have Ethernet hookups since
>> they use a parallel port.  Would it be better to use a PC
>> with NetSoft to print labels or a JetDirect card connected
>> to the printer and Ethernet?
>> Are there better options?  How about opinions?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Marc Zylka (
>       I have set up all of our printers using TCP/IP.  The ones that are
>connected locally are using NIPrint LPD software to receive the jobs.  I
>should note by the way that I am running V3R7.  It wasn't until very
>recently that we were able to print multiple copies.  Also, this weekend
>I will be applying a couple of PTF's that will allow us to do print
>ranges.  The only real problem other than these two that I have
>experienced, is the printer timeout being set to low.  This is set up on
>the printer itself (we are using JetDirect Cards and almost all HP
>printers.)  Sometimes when the AS/400 was running heavy batch jobs, the
>printers almost stopped altogther.  I attributed this to the timeout.  I
>think originally they were set to approx 45.  I bumped it up to about
>300 and haven't had problems since.  
>       As far as feedback from the printer goes, it is not the best.  For
>example, because they are remote writers, you will not see from the
>AS/400 when the printer is Jammed or out of paper.  I personally don't
>think this is a big deal since most (and I certainly don't mean all)
>users are capable of fixing a "Paper Jam" or "Load Letter" message.  But
>then again, there are always the few that call anyway.
>Gary Feinstein
>AS/400 System Administrator
>Planet Hollywood International Inc.

With the forthcoming release of Synapse WinAPPC there will be full
implementation of printing under TCP/IP using the standard LPR/LPD printer
support.  It will support full AS/400 SCS strings so you will not have to
chew up AS/400 cycles doing host print transform nor will you be limited to
the few printers supported by IBM on the AS/400.  Any printer supported by
Windows will work fine.  This program will include controls to handle
restarting the printer, multiple copies, print spooling, etc.  As an AS/400
document is being printed a forms jam or out of paper condition will be
handled by Windows.  If the document fails to print it will be moved into a
"save" status on the PC for reprinting if necessary.  Standard Synapse
policy of free upgrades to registered users will apply as does their
standary policy of free tech support.  I have been selling, using, and
supporting Synapse for many years now and for good reason -- it works.



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