• Subject: Re: Printing using TCP/IP over Ethernet
  • From: Gary Feinstein <gfeinste@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 10:44:32 -0500
  • Organization: Planet Hollywood International Inc.

I currently have a HP D640 that is connected to a Jet Direct card.  What
do I need to be able to connect this printer DIRECTLY to the AS/400. 
Management insists the printer should be hooked up this way.  I am
looking for any suggestion that will make the printer appear like an
AS/400 device.  I have used the CRTDEVPRT command and the printer works
this way.  However, I believe this still relies on TCP/IP in order to
get to the Jet Direct box that it is currently attached to.  They want
the printer hooked up via twinax and be ready to accept print jobs as
soon as they are spooled.  As I understand it, the way I have it hooked
up now, the spool file does a Host Print Transform on the AS/400 side
before it can be sent to the printer as an ASCII file.  Would hooking
the printer up directly change this?  Doesn't the printer have to accept
*SCS printer streams to do this (what does SCS stand for anyway?)  One
of my programmers says I can get a Twinax to RJ45 connection device that
will allow me to send the data through the network in this manner and
that will make the printer act like a direct device.  I think the whole
reason for management wanting the printer hooked up directly is because
it is taking too long for a large (500+ page) print job to do its Host
Print Transform before it actually gets sent to the printer.  Finally,
what functionality will I gain by hooking up directly?  
Gary Feinstein
AS/400 System Administrator
Planet Hollywood International Inc.

Jerome Draper wrote:
> At 10:37 AM 2/12/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >Marc Zylka wrote:
> >>
> >> Can anyone let me know how well printing using TCP/IP
> >> over Ethernet works?  How well does the AS/400 pick up
> >> problems at the printer (ie. Paper Out, Forms Jams, etc.)
> >> Let's assume V4R1.  Hopefully, we'll be at V4R1 in a
> >> couple of weeks if Emery doesn't damage our next
> >> 620 again.
> >> Are there better options?  How about opinions?
> >>
> >> Thanks in advance,
> >> Marc Zylka (mzylka@netpath.net)
> >>
> With the forthcoming release of Synapse WinAPPC there will be full
> implementation of printing under TCP/IP using the standard LPR/LPD printer
> support.  It will support full AS/400 SCS strings so you will not have to
> chew up AS/400 cycles doing host print transform nor will you be limited to
> the few printers supported by IBM on the AS/400.  Any printer supported by
> Windows will work fine.  This program will include controls to handle
> restarting the printer, multiple copies, print spooling, etc.  As an AS/400
> document is being printed a forms jam or out of paper condition will be
> handled by Windows.  If the document fails to print it will be moved into a
> "save" status on the PC for reprinting if necessary.  Standard Synapse
> policy of free upgrades to registered users will apply as does their
> standary policy of free tech support.  I have been selling, using, and
> supporting Synapse for many years now and for good reason -- it works.
> Regards,
> Jerry
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