• Subject: Re: OS Y2K Compiant
  • From: Glenn Ericson <Glenn-Ericson@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 10:29:11 -0500

At 11:21 PM 2/5/98 -0500, Steven Sharpe wrote:
>I've been contracted by a customer to be their Y2K consultant.  In doing
>the analysis of their software & systems in general, I have told them they
>need to upgrade the OS (1 machine V2R3, 2 machines V3R0M5,
> 1 machine V3R1).  The company is balking against this upgrade, giving
> the reasoning that the 400's are going away in 3-5 years.
>What reasonings can I use to get this company to upgrade the OS?  Was I
>correct in telling them that these OS's are not Y2K compliant? 
> Will the company be burned if they stay on these OS's thru Y2K?
>Any comments are appreciated.
>Steven Sharpe
Steve, not having compliant operating systems will cause extra effort for
sure and  having  multiple different levels has interesting possibilities.
Staying on these OS you will not have the enablers for Y2K and thus added
problems and costs to  fix.

The company still has to get thru 2000 transition  to reach theri objective
 /400  or not.  If the ultimate solution cannot be acellerated safely then
the most sensable thing to  do is  upgrade.  What they can  not control is
time  nor  perhaps tolerate added time or effort to the project.  The
shortest path to  "Survial" Mode is the  best.

Another way to view this is how long will it  take to reach Survival status
[minimum expense to stay in business]? Then decide what you might
accomplish -with  what options

Personally, it might be  best to  onvest in  the upgrade?   
What about the  hardware[w/software] to support your conversion & testing
efforts - Is it available or another cost item?

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