Ok. That is one way to do it. Though that leaves you with some dummy
files. Not much of a problem. Only an organizational thing which has to
be handled.

It would be nice if I could have an RFML xml streamfile on the i which I
could use to fill a space (variable, userspace, u name it ... ). I would
fill some kind of map and pass it with an RFML file and a pointer to the
space to a procedure which fills me the space according to the RFML

The RFML could be put into a SVN repository which can be checkout out
from the Java and RPG side.

Sounds like a nice project ... =)

Just some ideas ...



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Schmidt, Mihael wrote:
Do you mean by that that you are using the RPG xml file in your RPG
to fill/create an entry in the data queue (or userspace or whatever)?
That would be really great so one could use the exact same file in RPG
and Java.


What I'm doing is using an external data structure (physical file) in an
RPG program to format the data sent in the data queue ... and then that
same physical file is used to define the structure of the RFML or
RecordFormat object in java.

I construct a AS400FileRecordDescription object
cordDescription.html) and retrieve the first RecordFormat from it. From
that I can either create a Record or build a RecordFormatDocument.


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