I am not a Java programmer so please be kind. :)

I have a simple Java program which calls a RPGLE program using ProgramCall
in JT400.jar. The call works (it increments a sequence number in a file),
but I am unsure how to retrieve the integer parameter after the call. The
program returns two DOS looking characters like a box corner and a diamond
or question mark. Using parseInt does not work, with error
"java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input String: "â?" "

Is this an EBCDIC ASCII translation issue? The character parameter shows
correctly in both the RPG and Java (testing in Windows). Am I even passing
(and receiving) the integer correctly? The called RPG program does run
because I see the sequence number increasing.

Java snippet:

String VanguardLocation;
Integer NextSequence;
VanguardLocation = "WV ";
NextSequence = 0;

// Create field types for parameters.
AS400Text txt5 = new AS400Text(5);
AS400Text txt4 = new AS400Text(4);

// Create parameter array and populate.
ProgramParameter[] parmList = new ProgramParameter[2];
parmList[0] = new ProgramParameter(
parmList[1] = new ProgramParameter(

// Set up program call and run.
ProgramCall pgm = new ProgramCall(sys,
if (pgm.run() != true) {
AS400Message[] messageList = pgm.getMessageList();
} else {
System.out.println("Output Data 0: " +
(String)txt5.toObject( parmList[0].getOutputData() ) );
System.out.println("Output Data 1: " +
(String)txt4.toObject( parmList[1].getOutputData() ) );

The output:

Output Data 0: WV
Output Data 1: â?

I am expecting a number around 25658 (that would be the next sequence number
from the file).

The RPG prototype:

d incgljseq pr extpgm('INCGLJSEQ')
d inlocation 5a const
d outuseseq 10i 0

Any info to help this Java newbie out is appreciated!


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