I'm trying to start using the Java Server Controller. I'm testing on a 
system that's at Domino 7.0, OS V5R3.

We are at the very latest CUME and JAVA PTF groups (system was IPLed for 
PTFs/save on Friday). I've searched the Lotus support site for the MCH74A5 
message and I get one hit about a problem starting the JC on multiple 
servers due to the port being in use on the NIC already (by the first 
server with the JC started). This isn't happening for me and in NETSTAT 
there are no connections on port 2050. In my dcontroller.ini file, the 
port is 2050 as well.

Anyone else experienced any problems with this? I'm going to submit this 
information to Lotus later this afternoon if I don't get any hits here. 
It's no biggie - just would like to have controller available via 

Thanks, and here is the Escape message

MCH74A5    Escape                  40   02/14/06  11:23:54.361208 
realcftrap2              001728   QJVAJNI     QSYS        *STMT
                                     To module . . . . . . . . . : QJVAJNI 
                                     To procedure  . . . . . . . : 
                                     Statement . . . . . . . . . :   1     
                                     Thread  . . . . :   00000046          
                                     Message . . . . :   The Java Virtual 
Machine has ended. 
                                     Cause . . . . . :   Java Virtual 
Machine 1 has ended because of reason 1.  The 
                                       reason codes are defined as 
follows: 01- A Java program called the 
                                       java.lang.System.exit method with a 
zero status code. 02- A Java program 
                                       called the java.lang.System.exit 
method with a non zero status code of 0. 
                                       03- An unexpected system error was 
detected. 04- A critical Java Virtual 
                                       Machine thread has ended and 
processing cannot continue. Recovery  . . . : 
                                       If the Java Virtual Machine ended 
because of reason code 03, an internal 
                                       error has occurred.  Contact you 
service representative.  Information about 
                                       the error was saved in the Licensed 
Internal Code log. 

Chris Whisonant
Senior Mid-Range Systems Administrator
IBM eServer Certified Systems Expert - iSeries Technical Solutions V5R2
IBM Certified System Administrator - Lotus Notes and Domino 6/6.5
IBM Certified Associate Developer - Lotus Notes and Domino 6/6.5
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