Another way you can handle this is by using Alan Campin's compile
utility. Basically it lets you put the compile commands directly into
the source code as comments and it runs them.


I've found it very useful to compile service programs in particular
because you can put multiple commands into the source code.

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Mike Garrison wrote:
Does anyone know if there is a way to configure WDSc to retain the
last compile options for each member? It seems rather silly that every
time I compile a module, program, or service program that I need to
reenter the compile options each time so I was hoping there is a way to
configure it to store and reuse them. I have been creating my own user
defined compile commands but that seems rather tedious as well. Any
suggestions would be appreciated.


It's something people have asked for, and as we use the tool more, I
think it's something we need to push for. Right now you have to handle
it the same way you would in PDM: change the compile options each time,
use different compile actions for different programs or have a more
powerful compile program that figures out the differences based on the
program you are compiling (I use the latter).


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