Never did anything with that utility.

About keywords or not, the 5.1.2 formatter leaves what you have but will add keywords if you prompt the statement, just as SEU does. There is not a way, if I read thing correctly, to line up parameters vertically - main place for this is in DCL's, where a table-like format is nice. Either the parameters wrap a la SEU (but you can control where the break is) or they are on separate lines.

So I believe it will maintain your case (upper, lower) and can indent flow control structures.


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> It's a program from the old Midrange Computing magazine.  Check this link:
> http://www.mcpressonline.com/mc/.5bfa4365!sectionID=.5bfbaeb1


> We had a discussion about it here in this list back in May.  Here's a link
> to one of the messages:
> http://archive.midrange.com/wdsci-l/200405/msg00284.html
> You should be able to get to the whole thread from here.

Good to read through that thread.  Say, Vern, did you ever enhance that
utility like you intended?

> It will break in V5R3 because there are a whole slew of new control
> constructs in CL and the formatter will need an overhaul to handle them.
> I'd much rather IBM do something in WDSc.

Just so it's customizable.  I avoid keywords like the plague for common

      Dclf  ARR100FM
      Dcl   &ThisMonth@ *Char (     2    )
      Dcl   &ThisMonth  *Dec  (     2  0 )
      Dcl   &ThisYear@  *Char (     2    )
      Dcl   &ThisYear   *Dec  (     4  0 )
      Dcl   &p_Company  *Char (     2    )
      Dcl   &p_Month    *Char (     2    )
      Dcl   &p_Year     *Char (     4    )

      RtvSysVal  qMonth       &ThisMonth@
      RtvSysVal  qYear        &ThisYear@
      ChgVar     &ThisMonth   &ThisMonth@
      ChgVar     &ThisYear    &ThisYear@
      ChgVar     &ThisYear  ( &ThisYear + 2000 )
      ChgVar     &s_Year    ( &ThisYear )
      ChgVar     &s_Month   ( &ThisMonth - 1 )
      If         ( &s_Month *eq 00 )  Then( Do )
        ChgVar     &s_Year   ( &s_Year - 1 )
        ChgVar     &s_Month  ( 12 )
      ChgVar     &s_Company  01
      SndRcvF    RcdFmt( ARR100A )
      If         ( &in24 )  Then( Return )


You can tell I don't care much for uppercase.


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