I keep having problems with the stability of WDSCi. Sometimes, the 
application just terminates with a JVM error of some sort. (It happened to 
me again five minutes ago.) Refreshing the outline of an ILE RPG member 
causes a total lockup of the computer, and the same thing (sometimes) 
happens when I do a verify of a source member. This is all quite annoying, 
because of the following. 

Recently, I have started a new job at a firm where WDSCi is not used at 
the moment. I have been promoting WDSCi, and the head of the development 
department is very interested. He has asked me to investigate what it 
would take to start using WDSCi on a broader scale. "But", he told me, 
"the product has to be stable. When the product crashes all of the time, 
the productivity might be dropping instead of rising." I think this is a 
reasonable demand. Therefore, I would like to solve the stability 
problems. After having installed WSSD and WDSCi (version 5.1), I have 
downloaded and installed all the updates. That is to say, when I now click 
on New Updates, I get a message that "there are no new updates for the 
instaled features". Therefore, I assume that I am 'on level'. 
Nevertheless, the problems described above still keep occuring. 

I have read about version 5.1.2. Is this version more stable than version, which I seem to be using now? How can I get a copy of this new 
version 5.1.2? 

I hope the problems related to the overall stability can be solved in some 
way, and I hope someone can get me on the right track.


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