We have recently linked a lot of these JVM crashes to a defect in the IBM
Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that runs the workbench.  The bad news is that
we do not yet have a fix ready to ship for this problem, but the good news
is that there is an easy workaround.

WDSc actually ships with 2 IBM JVM's that can be used to run the workbench.
By default a high performance JVM called J9 is used, this is the JVM that
has the defect.  Following the instructions below you can switch to using
just the standard JVM as opposed to the J9 JVM.  You may notice a slight
decrease in performance using the standard JVM, but as soon as we get the
fix out you can then switch back to J9.  Here are the instructions:

Note:  for others on the list that are not experiencing these crashes there
is no reason to switch to the standard JVM.

Steps to disable J9:

1.- Locate the file wdsc.ini.  One way to find the directory is by right
clicking on the WDSC
icon in Start -> Programs, and selecting Properties.  The default directory
for this is:

C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere Studio\Application Developer\v5.1 (or

2.- Make a backup copy of it.
3.- Edit wdsc.ini to remove the line


Don Yantzi
WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries
IBM Toronto Lab
Phone: (905) 413-4476
IBM internal:  IBMCA(yantzi)  -  Internet: yantzi@xxxxxxxxxx

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