Michael and others,

When you verify your source do you use the verify action on the pop-up menu
for the member in the Remote Systems view or do you use the Verify action
in the Source main menu (this would include the Ctrl + Shitf + V shortcut
as well as the new verify icon in the toolbar in 5.1.2)?

The reason I'm asking is that the Verify action from the source menu
verifies the contents of the editor, while the verify action on the pop-up
for the member verifies the contents of the remote member (and would ignore
any unsaved changes in the editor, but you should not lose any unsaved
changes in the editor.)

For now I would recommend using the Verify action from the source menu (or
the shortcut or icon) if you have the member opened since the line numbers
in the error list will correspond to the same line numbers in the editor.
We will be changing the behaviour of the verify action in the popup to be
consistent with the verify action from the source menu.

Some more background:  when reporting these kinds of problems, please be
very specific about messages you get.  There are three different messages
that you could see here and each has very different meanings:

Normal Dialog (title:  "Save Resource"  message "'Filename' has been
modified.  Save Changes?")  This is the dialog you get if you close the
editor and haven't saved your changes yet.

Alternative Dialog(title:  "Save Conflict"  message "The member has changed
on the remote system since it was opened")  If you get this message then
the remote member has changed since it was downloaded and opened in the
editor.  When the RSE opens a remote member it locks the member just like
SEU, so in order to get this dialog the lock must have been released
somehow (for example:  the RSE connection was disconnected.)

Alternative Dialog (title:  "File Changed" message:  "The file has been
changed on the file system.  Do you want to load the changes?")  in this
case the temporary file that the Workbench editor is editing has gotten
changed on the local PC filesystem outside of the editor.  The editor
detects this and displays this message.  Unless you physically opened the
temporary file in an editor outside the Workbench then there is likely a
bug that causes the local file to get "touched" and therefore you see this

Obviously if you see either of the alternative dialogs and think there is a
bug please let us know (include WDSc version and steps to reproduce the
problem if possible.)


Don Yantzi
WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries
IBM Toronto Lab
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   I've seen the 'Source changed' message also.  It's a timing issue.  When
   you 'save' the member in RSE, it really just tells the workbench to save
   the member.  It won't actually be saved for a little bit (depending on
   file size, network speed, ... among many other factors).  What the
   is telling you is that the member on the AS/400 (iSeries / I5  !-) ) is
   different than what's in the workbench.  If you select 'No' to this
   it should complete your save from the workbench to the 400 and your
   changes will be saved.  When you say 'Yes' it updates the workbench copy
   from the 400 and your changes are wiped out.  I understand that the
   development team is working on something to indicate the status of a
   requested save.  When we have this, we'll be able to wait until the save
   is actually completed before closing down.  Then we shouldn't see the
   message.  (It would be nice if they also didn't display this message for
   source member when a workbench save has been requested.)
   Michael Quigley
   The Way International

   Original message:

   date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 09:42:09 -0400
   from: RNance@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
   subject: [WDSCI-L] Host source member not being updated!

   I have run into the problem where my host source member is not
   being updated with the changes I have made in RSE.  This is a
   periodic problem without an explanation.

   Last Friday:  I was making changes in RSE, hit the save button
   and then closed the source member.  The "source changed" dialog
   appeared and 'of course' I wanted to save my changes so I
   selected Yes.  However, the host source member did not reflect
   the changes.  So, I reopened the source member in RSE and the
   changes were not there either.

   I have not changed any of this settings the I think would cause
   this behavior so I cannot think what has happened.  Because of
   the time line of the project I shut  down WDSC and moved on with
   my work using the green screen.

   The following is the version/build data: Version: - Build
   id: 20040127_1200.

   This has happened in the past and I am curious if I am just in
   the twilight zone or if this happens to others!

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