Hi David,

Here are a couple things to try:

1.  Prompt the STRRSESVR command, hit F9 to show additional parameters and
enter your PC's IP address (or hostname) in the remote location name
parameter.  By default this is *RESOLVE in which case the command tries to
resolve the client IP address from the 5250 telnet session.  In some cases
this doesn't work, or if you previously overrode this value then it will be
trying to connect to the last IP address / name you entered (in which case
you might want to try *RESOLVE to reset it.)

2.  Make sure the RSE communications daemon is running inside of WDSc.  On
the pull down menu for the Remote Systems view (this is the updside down
triangle) you should see "Stop Communications Daemon".  That typically
means it is already started.  You could also run the DOS command "netstat
-a" and looking for a something listening on port 4300.

3.  The last thing to check is if the new computer has a firewall installed
on it that might be blocking the incoming socket connection from the
iSeries on port 4300.

Hope this helps.

Don Yantzi
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Yesterday's post:
Hi, i'm using WDSCi 5.0 and recently got an new computer with windows 2000
sp4 on my desk.

I installed WDSC on it and configured the usual stuff . After a few days of
coding I noticed that I cannot
run interactive task because I cannot get the RSE server running.
Just I few days ago, everything worked just fine on the other machine so it
has to be something on this
machine. The other machine was on win2000 and sp3. So i'm guessing the sp4
is the problem.

If I start the RSE server I get the "Connection name not ...  " or
something like that.
Then when I enter the exact command again the process says "Starting RSE
..." and then nothing
happens for a while and after a couple of minutes I get "SOCKET ERROR"

I don't understand what's wrong. Can somebody help me?

I used an network sniffer to see what's going wrong. But I'm not a TCP/IP
expert and maybe
someone in the mailinglist is. I attached the tcp/ip log to this message.
The log is from the point where i have requested an interactive call and
websphere asks me
to start a rse-server in an client access. I type the command (STRRSESVR
name(<name>)) and hit enter.
Then I get the "connection name not defined" (WHICH IS). That's were the
log stops.

I have contacted the iSeries admin and he said nothing changed there since
the last time it worked. So
the problem is the machine i'm working on.
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