Nice find, David.  At least it exists.  It still doesn't show the extra
info I'd like.  And if it's to be the preferred method for managing
certs, IE's option should link to the MMC snap-in with a warning about
the scope of certs vs. doing it's own thing.  That or IE's scope should
be limited to browser-specific certs.

Lame, yes.

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gfile systems the other day ...

> If certificates are to be system-wide in scope, certificate
> management should be moved out of IE and into a Control Panel 
> applet.  And of course I don't mean 'Internet options'.  

I think there is supposed to be a certificate management application,
based on MMC, somewhere in Windows ... ah, I found it ...

Lame, of course, that it's not on the menu or in control panel.  I'll
bet you a dollar that it doesn't't provide any warning about the dangers
of removing a certificate.


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