On 9/2/2014 3:59 PM, CRPence wrote:
On 02-Sep-2014 14:44 -0500, Jon Paris wrote:
Man - it has been a long long time since I did much with display and
printer files ...

I have to "convert" a bunch of display files that use the CCSID
keyword to be printer files. Foolishly I thought the same keyword
would apply but apparently not.

Can anyone suggest a suitable printer file alternative?

IIRC, [some of] the keywords that are composed with any of the
mnemonics CHR, FNT, and FONT should enable defining the Code-Page and
Character-Set for the data written to printer files.

Our printing capability has long lagged our display capability. The
last time (seems like aeons?!) I did this stuff, about all I could do
was to drive individual fields to the CCSID of the printer file. That
is, I could not put one section in English and another in Spanish. I
did that translation (it was code pages then!) inside the HLL program.

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