I have not seen this behavior. I have TN5250J, but version 0.7.2 ... unless this is a "bug" introduced in version 0.7.3 ...?

Also, I have tried this with numerous other emulators, including IBM's own Client Access 5250 emulator, but see only the expected behavior.

Did you try to reproduce the problem using a different emulator? Try with IBM's Client Access, or the "open source" TN5250 emulator, from:

or some other 5250 emulator.

Also, ensure you do not have some kind of keyboard macro defined that may be changing the behavior of F4 to erase input and then press F4?


Mark S. Waterbury

> On 8/28/2014 11:42 AM, Peter Dow wrote:
When I enter WRKOBJ at a command line and press F4, I'm shown the Major Command Groups menu, as if it did not see the WRKOBJ I entered. However, if I enter WRKOBJ X, it tells me it cannot find X.

I'm using TN5250J version 0.7.3 (my prime suspect) to connect to an IBM i with OS 7.1, PTF group SF99710 level 13037 (low on my list of suspects).

I've tried it with two different profiles, and it really seems hit or miss. Sometimes it works, but mostly it doesn't. Prior to today, it has worked flawlessly.

Anyone seen anything like this?

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