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the question I have is...
are we building a SQL script with a bunch of "inserts"?

From the OP, as I recall [though I recall also having to infer much], the issue is with the Start {Interactive} SQL (STRSQL) feature. That feature does not have a capability to process a script; only one SQL statement at-a-time may be issued, so the issue necessarily would have to be with one statement exceeding a statement-limitation.? Even so, IIRC, the error message [only 1st level text was offered] said the error was with a /statement/, and a script would have delimited statements, so the limitation\issue still would be with any particular statement of a script.

Of course the INSERT syntax does allow for a multi-row insert. That could easily allow for a 32K limit to be reached\exceeded; for the same reason, per the specification of many literals [aka SQL constants], a non-insert row-values clause\statement might easily grow so large.

The STRSQL utility counts every character on each line of input against the statement-length limit, so any necessarily large but additionally /nicely-formatted/ SQL statement might _require_ the many pages of input that would exceed the limit. A likely simple resolution for many statements that would encounter the issue, would be to remove much of the white-space and all or most of the embedded comments to /scrunch-down/ such a statement into the allowed number of characters; i.e. remove any superfluous characters until the statement fits within the maximum number of pages [input lines across multiple /pages/] allowed for any one statement. At 68 characters per input-line, there should be a limit of approximately just over 28 /pages/ of input for any one SQL statement within STRSQL. I certainly would not want to be confined to a 5250 display in composing such a statement; rather to use an /editor/ of my choice, and then ask a script processor to run the statement stored in a named file.

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