On 14-Aug-2014 14:47 -0500, Steinmetz, Paul wrote:
I ran a TAATOOL SCNALLSRC2, looking for
Got 4 hits for DSPJOBLOG, but not for job that is running.

Two issues with the first search:

1) "The Control Job Log Output (QMHCTLJL) API controls the production of a job log when the related job ends or when the job message queue becomes full and the print-wrap option is in effect for the job. ... This API _does not produce a job log_;" and the CPP of DSPJOBLOG, though atypically callable, is named QMHDSPJL, if that name was intended to be searched instead.

2) while /conventions/ may have CALL coded using the PGM() parameter keyword, I find the actual coding of CL to very rarely do so, such that instead mostly seen is CALL API_NAME rather than CALL PGM(API_NAME), but there are also the possible variants of [with or without parameter keyword] whereby the program name is qualified with a specific or special-value library [list] name [and for those who must support s/38E, even the alternative library qualifications of pgm.librname or pgm.liblspec].

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