On 22-Aug-2014 07:17 -0500, Mike Cunningham wrote:
Does anyone have a script or tool that would do a monthly SAVSYS
process without the need for an operator? End all subsystems to a
restricted state, do the SAVSYS, initiate an IPL to bring the system
back up,

To be sure, to effect "bring the system back up" after an EndSys [Or EndSbs for *ALL] is Start Subsystem (STRSBS) of the Controlling Subsystem (QCTLSBSD).

kick off a DUPTAP to make a second copy of the SAVSYS tape.
I remember there were some techniques for doing this years ago, like
write CL and call that CL from the operator's console before going
home on the weekend to do the SAVSYS. CL waits until Sunday morning
at 6:00 am and then starts running. Does a tool like BRMS or Robot
handle this type of process?

The coded-wait tying-up the console is a throw-back, and has been able to be replaced for a long time with Batch-Restricted work using the Batch Time Limit (BCHTIMLMT) feature of the End Subsystem (ENDSBS) command. I make a comment about Save System (SAVSYS) being a combination of Save Security Data (SAVSECDTA) and Save Configuration (SAVCFG), each of which do not require restricted state, and then a doc reference to the feature that allows the restricted-state work to be performed:
Subject: Go Save 21 question

A web search on the two tokens BCHTIMLMT and TECHNOTE should locate some docs about some considerations or questions that might arise [e.g. use of Power Down System (PWRDWNSYS)], to include [albeit likely poor, for use of Delay Job (DLYJOB) vs properly polling on achieving restricted state and starting a hard-coded subsystem instead of correctly retrieving the actual ending\ended controlling subsystem] examples of using the feature by coding a simple CLP that restarts the controlling subsystem after the work is complete.

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