On 8/7/2014 11:27 AM, Steinmetz, Paul wrote:
<Speaking of which, 'Have you tried the modern alternative to SEU? Press F1 for more details.' >

Help text is a bit misleading.

Information about new tools - Details

Client tools are part of the tool set that you already own. It's a
full set of workstation tools for server programmers. It includes
things like Web tools, Java tools, WebFacing, and a modern tool for
traditional RPG/Cobol development called Remote Systems
Explorer(RSE). Give the new tools a try. Once you've taken the time
to get familiar with RSE, you'll find you can be even more
productive than with the old text-based server tools.

The point is that every developer who uses SEU has seen this. 'I did
not know' doesn't seem to apply.

But back to your situation, in a place where staff are doing mostly
investigative work on code, it really may not be cost effective to buy
an RDi licence. I can tell you this though: if *I* were working in such
a place, I'd load up the free WDSC and use that over SEU just
because I can:
a) see more code on the screen
b) edit multiple members at the same time
c) edit the same member multiple times
d) run regular expression searches
e) sane copy/paste
f) SEP debugging

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