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just on the point about the collision. Once i fix the authority issue.

SQL's DELETE FROM would not require a security change.

If one user enters a change to the Physical file, lets call it PF1, and the
trigger gets kicked off. The CL takes about 20 seconds to run. recall the
CL, clears the PF used to hold latest data then re-populates via RPG prgram.

After 5 seconds another user makes a change to PF1. the trigger kicks off
again, and it wants to clear the file. Which is still going to run 15 more
seconds. Does the second trigger wait, those 15 seconds and then kicks off?

What is the wait time for the job?
What is the workload of the machine?

Read the posts by Charles and Chuck.

is there going to be any problem with this?

How is the error handling written?

Read Rob's post. I may not completely understand the business problem
you are trying to solve. My recollection is that ultimately, you want
to deliver a Crystal Report. Crystal is an on-demand query engine - an
end user can request that her report be produced at any time, including
the instant your trigger has just done a CLRPFM on the work file. Your
user would then have a completely empty report. What if she asks for
the report when the trigger is 95% done? Her report would /seem/ OK,
but it would be incomplete. Using a work file for a Crystal report
means that you need a way to signal the end user when the work file is
completely up to date. How will you do that, send an email? If PF1
gets updated a hundred times an hour, she'd get a hundred emails an
hour. The work file would be in an almost constant state of flux and
the end user would never have confidence that her report is correct.

What really works with Crystal is a view that is always 100% up to date
because the database keeps it up to date. An alternative is to have
Crystal use a stored procedure to collate the required information on

This answer is specifically for the archives, for someone trying to
convert a legacy batch load, sort, print process to a process suitable
for a query tool like Crystal Reports.

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