On 8/12/2014 12:26 PM, Jim Franz wrote:
This has been the issue - my specs and interaction with their help(not)desk
- these answers:
see the X12.org requirements. See DISA.org , etc

No indication of wrapped, unwrapped. No specs except the values required
for the detailed data.
No specs for the standard ISA and GS segments.
Their assumption is we all have an EDI software package that does this for
us (and we don't).
I'm already doing edi with Federal gov (medicare) with no problems, but
this is a state agency who outsourced their edi to a large US insurance
service provider.
I ask questions and get vague answers days later.
No docs on "file format".
Last test returned an email with this exact text:

Invalid file has been received, please correct and resend the file.
Reason: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size
of the collection. Parameter name: index

There is nothing in the file called index...

Ask them to send you a known good file. Even a test file will do. If
they can't give you specs (an insurance company can't give you
paperwork?!?!?!?) then maybe they can give you something you can reverse

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