I wonder if IBM dropped him instead.

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Download Director, when it works correctly, is wonderful. It has a few
issues like it downloads to your PC rather than directly to the system
and the downloaded file names make no sense whatever. The biggest issue
though is the hail of java updates recently means only 1 in 5 times can
I even get the thing to run.

FTP however I have used since the dawn of Fix Central. Scripts on i that
need only the directory name dropped in pull the PTFs directly to the
the proper directory. No interference on my PC, uses bandwidth at the
office not at home, and while it's not as fast for a single file (max
about 650KB or so) I can run a big ole bunchfull of them in parallel and
they each get that amount.

At one time the chief coder for Fix Central bought Jim O and I lunch at
a COMMON conference as we had been helping them with design issues and
testing. He informed us that IBM was intending to drop the FTP option.
Our reaction was swift and in total agreement: "No WAY! Who do we have
to call!!!" Must have worked, FTP is still there!

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 7/31/2014 5:59 AM, paultherrien@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I was trying to download the latest cume for 7.1 yesterday and having
troubles as well. In the end, I used the FTP option.
Part of my issue was that java was failing on the PC I was using. But
was annoying was that I could never get the Download Director to pick up
where I left off, or even just restart the download. Fix central insisted
on rebuilding my download request and putting me off for 2 hours. After
third time I went to the FTP option.


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Have been using Fix Central and Download Director to get PTF images to my
for years without issue.
Now, have been trying for about a week to get TR8 and cume,hiper,db for
system. Starts out looking like everything is good using 6 to 8
then after about 2-3% of first file download the connections slowly drop
and I'll get Server busy try again later which results in the same thing.
Anyone know what's going on here?

Michael McClain
HICI (a Shelter Insurance Company)
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