If the programs are ILE, you can set up SEP breakpoints. You can do these in WDSC/RDp/RDi or on green screen.

Of course, you do have to have debug information - more than *STMT.

On green screen, start out in the STRDBG, then use SBREAK nnn USER xxxxx - nnn is the line to break at, xxxx is the user that has to be running the program in order for it to break. For the database jobs, QZDASOINIT, go see what it is - QSYS, QUSER, whatever.

I think someone put my 18 steps to use SEP breakpoints into the wiki - it's not really so daunting as that sounds!!

When you do this in a live environment, it will stop every time the program is called - this can block up traffic - you'll be instructed to run the STRSRVJOB command - maybe once you've done that in a separate session, go the one where you did the SBREAK and cancel debug there.


On 7/23/2014 9:16 AM, Jim Franz wrote:
We are seeing odd failures in database updates from win clients when their
server framework updated to 4.5.1.

Not finding job log info that points to the failures, but database updates
that have worked for years are having issues (example: large strings of
text passed to stored procedure only updating some of the text).
Looking for what server jobs are best to monitor.
Anyone else seen similar issue.
It is certainly possible the whole issue on Win side, but I'm asked to
monitor i side.
Jim Franz

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