The other thing to consider about companies consolidating like this is the impact it has on the ecosystem of the platform.

Trade magazines thrive on ads. Each time two vendors combine, they purchase one ad, where they previously purchased two. I know that was a big reason that iPro Developer had troubles.

Same with trade shows like COMMON, et al. One booth instead of two... it means less income.

Of course, just one vendor like RJS merging with another isn't a problem in itself... the problem is that this sort has been happening all over for a long time.

What we really need is for more new, independent, vendors to start popping up....

On 7/2/2014 10:05 PM, Darryl Freinkel wrote:
My opinion is that this is a loss for the i platform.

When software companies start buying up other companies, they land up
killing the opposition and competition. Take Infor as an example, they own
most of the ERP solutions today and there is now absolutely no competition
to keep Infor in check. Infor has lost a few potential sales caused by poor
sales performance, a loss for all of us in the i-space.

Whilst the merging of software companies may be good in the sense that after
the merge, a gap is left open for new competitors, the nature of the
industry is such that new entrants cannot make it in this market.

Where has the entrepreneurship of the midrange systems gone?

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