On the cursor that is being closed try adding "insensitive" to the declaration, something like this:

declare insensitive cursor for ...

You will need to check the info center for the exact effects of insensitive and there are some restrictions. Primarily it creates a read-only cursor.


On 7/25/2014 7:54 AM, Siwicki, Gary (GSiwicki) wrote:
In my RPG program, I call a CL that has a RUNSQLSTM command that uses
the commands in a TXT source member to create an SQL view in QTEMP. The
only command executed is "CREATE VIEW". When this occurs, there is
already another, unrelated SQL cursor that is open and being processed
in the RPG program. When the view is created by the CL program, as soon
as control is returned to the RPG program, the "unrelated" SQL cursor is

I realize this is a very awkward way of creating a view but it was
decided that this is the best way to address the unique needs of the
application. Does anyone know what's going on here? I posted here
because I don't think this really has much to do with RPG.

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