I should also mention - I have tried to create a DBClean script. I was
trying to test some of that script through QSH and spawned hundreds of
jobs (QP0ZSPWP) and had to IPL the test system in order for the little
spawns to quit duplicating. Needless to say I am a little skittish to do
more testing without a little guidance. :-(

From: Stephanie.Cox@xxxxxxxxxxxx
To: midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx,
Date: 06/18/2014 02:03 PM
Subject: WAS - In need of a DBClean guru.....
Sent by: "MIDRANGE-L" <midrange-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have been working for this company for just a few short months. We have

the WebSphere application that runs on-line parts store. This system has
data more than 10 years old and has never been through a proper cleanup
process. I have found much information on the DBClean utility and a
CLEANCONF table that needs to be populated, but don't know where to start
setting this up or how to run it? I should also mention this WAS server
was running at 80% capacity and just by deleting useless logs is now down
to 43%. This was just years and years worth of 'access_log' and
'basic_error_log' in
/QIBM/UserData/CommerceServer60/instances/MCIIWCS60/httplogs. There are
many complaints about how slow the On-line store is and I feel like if we
get the database cleaned up and keep it cleaned up there will be much to
gain in the performance of the on-line stores. If anyone has this kind of

environment and could share the knowledge it would be greatly appreciated
by this WebSphere virgin. I have many years on the AS400 - but zero with
this WebSphere Application Server. OS V6R1M0. WAS V5R0M0. WebSphere
Application Server V6R0M0.

Thanks - and have a great day!


Stephanie Cox

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