From: "James H. H. Lampert" <jamesl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Is there some reason why the fields in a SOAP web service show up in the
WSDL in a different sequence than they show up in the underlying program?

It seems awfully inconvenient that way.

On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 10:12 AM, Nadir Amra <amra@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Unfortunately, this is a function of web service engine using Java Maps
when generating WSDL. It has been sore point for quite some time. Not
sure what the future holds.

I would think there's not much chance for change. SOAP is rarely used
for new Web development anymore (everything is REST these days).

As for the ordering: I don't know SOAP very well; is the ordering
really important? I mean, logically and conceptually speaking? If
some implementation of it uses an unordered Java Map, then I would
think it's because the order doesn't matter, and folks are expected to
just match things up using the keys. (Especially since Java does have
ordered mapping classes available, should they be needed.)

When you (James) say "underlying program", do you mean an RPG program?
If so, then sure, RPG is really clunky when it comes to things like
key-value mappings. But that's an issue with RPG, not with SOAP or
WSDL or Java or anything else. And if RPG is what's causing your
headache, then there's REALLY little chance that other technologies
will be changed in your favor.


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